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Client Audi Bulgaria
Creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi
Production studio Switch


In the end of 2018 Audi presented the new Q8 and we were hired to create interactive installation for the event. The brand showed their flagship along with the models A7 and A6. The demonstration was visited by 500 guests, including customers, brand lovers, partners and media.

For the space setup we used 12 projectors, 4 Kinect devices, 3 large format screens, few hoists and lights. We programmed an interactive floor and media server interface which runs custom made 3D animations and video footages. The music background was executed in ambisonics surround sound format.  


Q8 is the model which transcends the boundaries of conceivable and leads to a new dimension - the “eight” dimension. According to this brand message we came up with a specially choreographed audio-visual experience.

Our media content immersed visitors into a science- fiction like scenario, leaving them with long- lasting impressions. It brought the guests into a different world by making them the main actors in the installation. They could interact with the environment that responded to their movements. The animation flowed in a natural and organic way.

We believe that real- time immersive experiences are key to impact-full brand communications nowadays.

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